Who are we

We established Lima Design Studio in 2007 and united our creative searches in the field of design to achieve one goal – to create unique original projects. Lima Design Studio is an interior design company that brings an ebullient perspective in interior. Specializing in design of nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as selected residential projects, Lima Design Studio works in close cooperation with clients in order to design interiors that exceed expectations.

Our interiors are designed to be remembered and to be talked about. Collaboration with architects, furniture manufacturers, lighting designers, masters of traditional crafts and artists keeps our work fresh and surprising. The use of modern technologies in lighting and materials, combined with deep background in traditional furniture and decor help produce the unexpected thrill of spaces.

Our experience in designing and our close contact with investors gives us a firm grasp on the realities clients face in creating a brand that can thrive within a market saturated with products. Lima Design Studio is there to help raise the clients above the ordinary and evolve their brand into an experience that impresses with indelible memories.